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Madness ensued! Rayne new TV #1 Contender. Hex Girl taking a shot at the international title! International Champion Jester delivers a beatdown and then receives one! The tag team division is up in the air as the champions have vacated their championships! So many things happening moving into Hall of Pain. What titles will Lipton and McAlister challenge for? Will Jester answer the attack? What will this new title being introduced be?! Find out on WWX FURY!

WWX Weekly Rankings

Report Report by JAMES BOURNE
On Sun, Oct15, 2017 9:26pm America/Phoenix
51 Hits

#1 Contender: Korath

2. Syndicate

3. Tommy Lipton

4. Krimzon Blaze

5. Willie Steen


#1 Contender: Fill

2. "The Machine" Xavier Pendragon

3. Bob "The Beast" Mellon

4. Rex McAllister

5. Hex Girl

WWX TELEVISION CHAMPION: "The Wiccan Wonder" Hex Girl

#1 Contender: "The Silent Assassin" Rayne

2. "The Graceful Assassin" Beatrice

3. Luke Jairus

4. Kailee

5. Fozzy Osbourne



FURY - Card 2017-10-15 21:21:17

On Sun, Oct15, 2017 9:21pm America/Phoenix
74 Hits
WWX Friday Night Fury 
Friday October 20th
Boston Massachusetts
Jester speaks about his attacks/Future plans

Opening Match - Singles Match
Super Bacon vs Kailee


Bourne Reveals the new championship


Tag Team Tournament Match
420 vs Jake Devine/Korath


Tag Team Tournament Match
Rayne/Fill (WWC) vs Kurtis Ray/Kailee


Singles Match - (International Rankings)
Rex McAlister vs Xavier Pendragon


Singles Match - (World Rankings)
Tommy Lipton vs Willie Steen 


Singles Match - Non Title
Jester vs Bob "The Beast" Mellon


Singles Match/No Disqualfication - Non Title
Darkness vs Syndicate

Deadline for Roleplays and Strats + Email for sending Strats/Oncard Roleplays
Rp/Segment Deadline is Friday October 20th at 10:00 WWX Time.

5 Rp Limit 

Any Question, Comments or concerns, Email jamesbournewwx@gmail.com

Winners will be decided based on criteria stated in the WWX Official Guide.  However, on this show, other things that will influence winner decisions are:

Roleplay and storyline driven/Quality over quantity

Regarding the Superstar Tag Team Tournament

Report Report by JAMES BOURNE
On Sun, Oct15, 2017 3:35pm America/Phoenix
69 Hits
***********WWX Breaking News**********

[The camera opens up backstage showing Paige Taylor standing near WWX Headquarters. With a paper in hand, she begins speaking].

Taylor: After quite a wild week in WWX, I have been given the official teaming's for the tag team tournament that will commence beginning at Fury and concluding at Hall of Pain. Here are the teams as follows. Understand these teams are in no real order.

1) Rayne and Fill

2) 420 (Matt Glazebrook & Gary Tinordi)

3) Xavier Pendragon & ? (Person has requested to be anonymous)

4) Beatrice & Super Bacon

5) Bob "The Beast Mellon" & Darkness

6) Jester & Willie Steen

7) Fozzy Osbourne & Krimzon Blaze

8) Hex Girl & Syndicate

9) Jake Devine & Korath

10) Kurtis Ray and Kailee

Taylor: These ten teams will be competing through the weeks leading to a final two teams. We all know that this is not going to sit well with some of the talent, but Bourne said "Nothing I love man than a good argument" when asked about his pairings. With WWX, this is Paige Taylor. 

[The camera fades to black]
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