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Blanchard skips out! Tornado lost his mask, and hasnt been seen since!
Are Syndicate and Love becoming a tag team?
The tag team title picture may just be heating up as we move into a huge Holiday Hell Event. Who will prevail from the chaos?

From the Desk of Xavier Pendragon

On Fri, Feb27, 2015 2:42am America/Phoenix
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From the desk of "The Machine" Xavier Pendragon

The camera pans is seen walking down the corridor of WWX main headquarters. It turns the corner and comes to a door with a sign saying "Mayhem GM". On the outside of the door is Terry "TJ" Jackson as he nervously knocks on the door. Moments later, he hears a booming voice from the inside.

???: Come in.

TJ steps into the office. He looks around and notices several pictures of Mayhem superstars in matches and other WWX memrobillia. There is a office chair with its back towards TJ. The booming voice goes to speak again.

???: Are you Terry Jackson?

TJ: Y-y-y-yes sir.

???: Have a seat.

TJ sits in a nearby chair.

???: You know I carry a good bit of history with this company. Both in and out of the ring. I've been in this chair before and my services have been called upon again. So needless to say, I am the GM of Mayhem once more.

The chair turns to reveal "The Machine" Xavier Pendragon, dressed in a black & white stripe Armani suit.

TJ: Xavier?!

XAVIER: Yes. I'm giving up my spot in the World Title chase to do this. I hate to see new talent come here and not given a chance to showcase their talents. I will not make all the announcements now, but everything will be revealed in due time, but that's not why I called you to my office.

TJ: What is it then?

Xavier motions for TJ to lean closer and starts whispering in TJ's ear as the scene fades to black.

scene fades

Bourne signs pirate to WWX Roster

News News by LEON JONES
On Fri, Feb06, 2015 11:50pm America/Phoenix
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[WWX Logo]

*Shot fades into Leon sitting at the news desk*

Good Evening I am Leon Jones and this is WWX Breaking News. 

Today there was a new addition to the WWX roster in the form of "The Captian" Francis Teach. He marked the occasion that he was coming to the WWX for the Captian's share of the booty. At this time we are not sure if he means money, title belts or the contents of the female locker room. I guess we will find out in the weeks to come. 

*Shot fades out with Leon shuffling papers*

Gentlemanly Jervis has arrived!

On Fri, Feb06, 2015 10:05am America/Phoenix
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Breaking news! A strange package was delivered to the WWX offices this morning as it seems it was a coffin with a note attached reading "Take good care of what's inside the contents are going to change WWX" backstage personnel have wheeled the coffin backstage and have speculated that it contains a new addition to the WWX roster. However, only time will tell 
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