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RAVAGE - Card 2018-01-13 11:46:08

On Sat, Jan13, 2018 11:46am America/Phoenix
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January 20th, 2018

World Wrestling Xistence 


Saturday Night Ravage

Anahiem, California

Honda Center

2nd Round of the Crusade Cup Continues! 

David Monatoya v. Super Bacon

Crusade Cup Match - Normal Rules 

Kailee v. Syndicate

Crusade Cup Match - Normal Rules 

Hex Girl v. Jarvis Valentine

Crusade Cup Match - Normal Rules 

Tanno Waters v. Tom Black

Crusade Cup Match - Normal Rules/ Non - Title 

Willie Steen v. Jake Devine

Deadline for Roleplays and Strats + Email for sending Strats/Oncard Roleplays
Roleplays, Segments, and Strategies due Saturday January 20 AT 6 AM WWX TIME

EMAIL STRATS/SEGMENTS:mambaranger (at) gmail (dot) com

Winners will be decided based on criteria stated in the WWX Official Guide.  However, on this show, other things that will influence winner decisions are:

Effort dictates
Strategies and Promos are factors in overall decision 
No Word Count/No Roleplay Limit
Refer to Official System/Rules For Reference

How-To Strat (Black Mamba Edition) Version 2

Report Report by JAMES RANGER
On Sun, Jan07, 2018 12:21pm America/Phoenix
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Here is the essential homewrecker guide to strategy. Think of these things when writing your strat:

What show is this going to affect? (Ravage, Fury, etc.)

Who is this strategy going to affect? (Name a wrestler on the roster that is booked)

What do i wanna do? (Here it varies, some people are detailed, some are not, im not telling you the correct answer for this one, as its the meat and potatoes of your strat)

When do you want this to happen? (Common sense, but for those without, simply put, when do you wanna rain on someone's parade? Before? During? or After? Impact and success of this section affects the outcome)

How will the strategy play out? (Depending on what's happening during the show when i am reviewing the strats, the show will potentially carry snippets of your strat, unless they are actual segments. Be Mindful.)

Is a permission slip required? (Some actions during a match, you might need to use someone else's characters that don't wrestle or do, but are just sacrificial pawns in your grand scheme. Ask the handler to use them to further the feud or start a storyline. Success varies.)

Can i affect big time matches? (All matches can be affected, as demonstrated by Tom Black's and Darkness's handler, title matches are not protected, #1 Contender's matches can be affected, but ultimately a yes or no from me decides if it gets used.

I am feeling unsure of how to move forward with an idea. (Think outside the box and roll with the punches. The end result is the show looks better...you get better at sending strats.)

Month One Review

Report Report by JAMES RANGER
On Sun, Jan07, 2018 11:29am America/Phoenix
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1. New Site Suggestions for Upgrading WWX up to the next level. What are you looking for in the site when look at it? Honesty is kid as im trying to get the new site set up to be easier on the eyes, more streamline for mobile viewers. Send a list via email at davismamba87 at gmail dot com.

2.Strategy How-To will be posted here and on the site, i recommend copying the format and saving it for later use.

3. Despite whatever might be said, i do appreciate the effort shown. Its getting better an better with each passing month.

4. If you're not able to promo for a week...honestly speak up so i don't just think you're a prick that week.

5. Titleshots are going to be less and less going into this year, unless you're slated by to be in a title match, you are going to be booked in non-title feuds that are meant to better your character and flesh out any potential storylines. expect this more.

6. Champions are essentially...if you want to believe it..at a disadvantage now with the transition to monthly ppv schedule. Titles can change hands if the effort has been there consistently thru the weeks inbetween each ppv.

7.Scorecard is now active from here on. Character Development, Match Discussion, are some of the things i look for in your promos. The scores reflect are the combined score of your efforts for promos and another score for strategies. Again, not doing one but doing the other...will hurt you if you're trying to be champion.

8. Instead of not counting late promos and strategies, i will simply deduct the score by one point for each day late. This will matter more when roleplay limits are enforced.

9. Read the card all the way. Knowledge is Power. An old adage of wisdom.

10. Me and Matt Baird do talk to each other. I touch base on everything WWX with him. We also laugh about the state of wrestling in general, but you get the point.
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Random Superstars

Jarvis Valentine
6'1", 243-pound Heavyweight 

Jake Devine
6'4", 241-pound Heavyweight 

Kagome Rose
5'10", 85-pound Liteweight 

Willie Steen
6'1", 211-pound Liteweight 

West Virginia Mountaineer
5'8", 293-pound Heavyweight 

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